10 myths about epoxy resins – part 5

10 myths about epoxy resins – part 5

Epoxy is a mysterious thing, which is why there are so many myths about it. Some say, for example, that epoxy gels too quickly and is too short in a liquid state and that it is harder to use than polyester resin. Nonsense, says our epoxy professor David Johnson.

Myth 9: Epoxy is too short in a liquid state

It is true that epoxy does not wait for anyone, but effective planning and work in the right way prolongs the time in which we can work with epoxy. One important thing to note here is that we calculated a time of 20 minutes in which we can work with epoxy after mixing epoxy resin and hardener in a small paper cup. This is standard practice that allows you to compare the time we can work between manufacturers, but you can buy (get) more time by mixing epoxy in official WEST SYSTEM mixing bowls, which are shallow and wide. By reducing the depth of the epoxy in the mixing bowl, you also reduce the intensity of the exothermic reaction – which will give you more working time. If you could mix the epoxy in a roller bowl, you would get even more time, but achieving a good combination would, of course, be impossible. Another way to extend working hours is to use WEST SYSTEM pumps. One resin pump and one hardener pump give you about 24 grams of the mixture, which is perfect for small jobs. With experience, you can work with three pressures on the pumps at once and still have time to work. In addition to being the fastest way to measure and mix epoxy, the pumps help you work cleanly, without the need to pour and weigh epoxy resin and hardeners.

Myth: 10 Epoxy is harder to use than polyester

When it comes to choosing a resin, one should definitely choose the right product for the right job, and polyester and vinyl-ester resins definitely have their place in shipbuilding. Many times, professional shipbuilders have experience working with epoxy and polyester and it is easy to work with both. However, there are reasons why epoxy might be a more appropriate choice for amateur shipbuilders, DIY enthusiasts, or anyone who hasn’t worked much with resin / hardener before. First, polyester often comes in large packages, which may not be convenient or affordable for all users. Second, WEST SYSTEM pumps make epoxy easier to measure and mix, without the need to weigh polyester and catalyst. Third, for inexperienced users, polyester can smell more like epoxy, which could be inappropriate, especially if you work indoors. So epoxy is definitely not harder to use than polyester and it might be easier for some people who are inexperienced in working with different resin systems. We thank David Johnson and Hamish Cook for their expert assistance. We hope you enjoyed it and it helped you!


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