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Yacht Center Adriatic distributes high-quality materials from world-famous manufacturers West System, PRO SET, Entropy, RMC Coating, TDS Teak Decking systems for shipbuilding and repairs. Our products are primarily intended for small and medium-sized shipbuilding, demanding industries that use new technologies and craftsmen and hobbyists who work independently. With top-quality composite materials, we provide technical support for all your projects, whether it’s shipbuilding or just repairing your old wooden window. Also when introducing new technologies into your production , as a rule, we always organize training and material presentations. In the process of production, repair or any other process, we monitor and follow your work with the complete technical assistance of technologists for each area. Of course, our desire is to get as close as possible to the world of composites to the “ordinary man”, to show that working with epoxy resins, carbon and other high-quality materials does not have to be expensive and complicated. Therefore, we are preparing workshops to explain the basics of working with our materials


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We offer free delivery in HR for all orders over 130 €.

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In addition to top materials for making composites, we provide technical support for your projects.


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