Cleaning and maintenance of teak decks – TDS ECO 100

Cleaning and maintenance of teak decks – TDS ECO 100


By cleaning with plain water


Cleaning with TDS ECO 100 Teakcleaner powder

NOTE: Follow the instructions on the labels of the .ECO 100 Cleaner, it can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner for, among other things, outdoor furniture and painted surfaces.


The main part of TEAKDECKING production is the replacement of teak decks that are prematurely worn out due to improper maintenance. Surprisingly, many of these decks were destroyed not to neglect them, but because their owners cleaned them too often, and extremely thoroughly, as well as in the wrong way.

Excessive or improper use of cleaning agents (cleaner / bleach) shortens the life of teak decks because it actually eats away at the teak deck. This kind of cleaning should be used when all other ways have been tried. If you must use such means, carefully follow their instructions, protect your skin (hands, feet, eyes). Corrosive cleaners can also affect the surrounding paint. The paint can be somewhat protected by wetting the surface before cleaning, and during the cleaning itself. Remember to take care of leaking cleaners down the hull when rinsing the deck, as all other cleaners that have not been washed off the deck or hull remain affected.

Clearly, we do not recommend cleaning with two-part cleaners (cleaner / bleach) TEAKDECKING has developed two biodegradable products that are designed to be thorough but gentle. These are the ECO 100 powder cleaner and the ECO 300 liquid cleaner.

The wood should be cleaned (grated) across the rings (not lengthwise) with 3M pads or polypropylene teak brushes. Even with care, after a while, the surface of the wood will become uneven. When this happens the deck needs to be lightly sanded with a sanding machine to get a smooth surface. This will actually extend the life of the deck by exposing a smaller area of ​​wood and rings to dirt and air. When drying the deck after washing and rinsing, if you notice areas that remain damp and while the rest of the deck is dry, it may indicate joint damage / cracking. Such damage should be repaired immediately as the penetration of moisture under the teak can lead to serious problems with the entire substrate on which the teak deck is located.


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