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These terms of purchase define the process of ordering, payment, delivery and return or complaint of products offered on our website. The supplier (Seller) of the goods offered on this site is the Yacht Center Adriatik d.o.o. Yacht center shop, Hrgovići 28, 10 000 ZAGREB, OIB: 08955937028, MBS: 080550880, and the Buyer of goods is a visitor of the online store who selects at least one product, fills in the electronic order form and sends it to the Seller. www.yachtcentershop.com is a registered domain of Jaht centar adriatik d.o.o. The minimum order is 1.00 HRK


Yacht center adriatik d.o.o. Headquarters address: Hrgovići 28, 10000 Zagreb Internet store address: Koprivnička 70, 10000 Zagreb Email address: info@yachtcenter.hr Info phone: 01 56 16 306 Working hours: weekdays from 08.30.00 to 16.30 Mon-Fri The webshop is open for orders from 0-24, and questions related to web shopping can be sent to email: info@yachtcenter.hr > Company entered in the Commercial Register: Commercial Court in Zagreb; Solution square. Court: Tt-08 / 4150-2 MBS: 080550880 OIB: 08955937028 Amount of share capital of the company: HRK 20,000.00 / fully paid Director: Tomislav Gjurinski


Ordering goods in the Yacht center shop is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ordering procedure: – Yacht center shop offers its products to its customers – By clicking on the product name, picture or DETAILS, the customer is shown the product details. – By clicking on BUY the product is added to the cart. – At the top right of the web shop is a symbolic view of the cart. By clicking on this field, the Customer is shown the currently selected products and, if necessary, the Customer can make changes. – When the Buyer is sure that he wants to complete his purchase, it is necessary to click the ORDER option. – The customer can make the purchase as a registered user or as an unregistered user which is selected in this step. – In the Order Specification the Customer enters the Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail. – In this step, the Buyer must indicate that he accepts the Terms of Use by clicking on the attached box. – After selecting the payment method, the Customer goes to the next step by clicking on the ORDER option, or returns to the previous step by clicking on RETURN. – The customer receives an automated order confirmation (Order confirmation) by e-mail. – The contract with Yacht center shop is realized at the moment when Jaht centar adriatik d.o.o. receive the payment to your bank account. – Sending is confirmed by e-mail and the invoice is delivered with the delivered product.


In the event that the ordered product is not available or for any reason can not be delivered, the Seller will notify the Buyer (electronically, in writing or by telephone). The customer can then accept a new delivery time, cancel the order or choose another product. If the Buyer decides to cancel the order, the Seller will refund the money no later than seven working days from the date of cancellation. If the Buyer decides to terminate the contract before the product is sent for delivery, no costs will be charged. If the Buyer decides to return the product after receiving it, the refund or replacement of the product will be made within seven working days after receipt of the specific product in Jaht centar adriatik d.o.o.


The customer can make the payment by credit card (one-time), general payment slip or Internet banking. Payable cards are: American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa. To securely authorize payments on our website, we use the services of our partner T-Com and their Pay Way system, which ensures the secure conduct of online credit card transactions. All on-line payments made through our site are made through a connection protected with 128-bit SSL data encryption and the MD5 algorithm.
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Payments by general payment slip can be made at the counter of the Post, Fina, bank, etc. or by Internet banking. If the Buyer chooses the method of payment by general payment slip or Internet banking, the product is sent when the company receives the payment to its bank account. Bank payment details: Payer: Name and surname of the buyer, Address Recipient: Yacht center adriatik d.o.o. Hrgovići 28, 10000 ZAGREB Approval number reference: ( order number) Payment description: web shop


Delivery of goods is within 24 -48 hours for all places in the Republic of Croatia except the islands of Vis, Pašman, Ugljan, Rab, Cres and Lošinj where the maximum is 3 working days. For the area of ​​Slovenia and Hungary within 24-48 hours. Other EU countries according to GLS delivery schedule. Sundays and public holidays are not included at the time of delivery. For orders paid by the Buyer via general payment slip or Internet banking, the deadline starts from the moment when Jaht centar adriatik d.o.o. receive payment to your bank account, and for orders paid by the Buyer by credit card, the delivery deadline is 2 days from the execution of the order. When taking over the goods, the buyer is obliged to check for any damage and immediately report it to the delivery person who delivered the goods, ie refuse to take over the shipment on which external damage is visible. The Seller is not responsible for damages that are in the domain of the delivery service, but in agreement with them will provide service to the Buyer and resolve the situation to the satisfaction of the Buyer. Delivery is made to the entrance to the residential building of the desired address. In the case of a residential building, the supplier is not obliged to carry the goods to the floor where the Buyer is located, but to the entrance to the building. Delivery is made through transport companies that provide transport services. The goods are insured against loss in delivery, and if the Buyer does not receive any notice or delivery from the Seller or the postal service after 15 days of submitting the order, he must notify the Seller so that he can take action to find or send a replacement.


The buyer has the right to return the product within 15 days (from the date when the decision on unilateral termination of the contract was sent) without stating the reasons if the ordered product does not match. When the Buyer returns the goods he has two options: exchange for another product or refund of the amount paid (unilateral termination of the contract) REPLACE The buyer can replace the product within 15 days (from the date when the decision on unilateral termination of the contract was sent) without giving a reason for any other product of the same, lower or higher price. When the price of the replacement product is lower, the overpaid amount is returned to the Buyer in the manner in which the Buyer made the payment, and when the price of the replacement product is higher, the Buyer and Seller will agree on the manner in which the Buyer wants to make additional payment. When the Seller receives the product returned by the Buyer, and the Buyer wants a replacement product, the Seller is obliged to deliver it to him within 3-10 working days from the day when he received the return. Upon return, the product must be returned in the original packaging with the declaration and undamaged to the address of the Yacht center shop from which the product was sent. The buyer is responsible for any impairment of the value of the purchased product as a result of its use and handling. The Buyer may notify the Seller of the intention to replace by phone 01/56 16 306 or by e-mail: info@yachtcenter.hr When replacing, it is necessary to fill in and send the replacement form, which is attached to the box upon return and attached to the e-mail. The form can be downloaded here . TERMINATION The buyer can also return the product and request a refund of the amount paid, ie unilaterally terminate the contract without giving a reason within 15 days (from the date when the goods that are the subject of the contract are handed over). In order for the Buyer to be able to unilaterally terminate the contract, he must notify the Seller of his decision before the deadline by an unambiguous statement sent by mail, fax or e-mail stating his name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and may use the attached example of a unilateral termination form available here : http://narodne-novine.nn.hr/clanci/sluzbeni/2014_06_72_1354.html The Buyer returns the product without undue delay, and in any case no later than 15 days from the date of sending the decision to the Seller to unilaterally terminate the contract. The Seller will refund the money after receiving the return of the product or after the Buyer provides proof that the product has been sent to the Seller. The refund of the paid amount is made in the same way in which the Buyer made the payment. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the Buyer is obliged to bear the direct costs of returning the goods if he exercises his right to unilateral termination of the contract, and if the Buyer wishes, he can contact the Yacht Center adriatik d.o.o. to the info number or e-mail address info@yachtcenter.hr in order to obtain information on the manner, possibilities and conditions of returning the product by Yacht centra adriatik doo The customer is responsible for any impairment of the product resulting from the handling of the goods, other than that which was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product. The Seller is obliged, without delay, to deliver to the Buyer a confirmation of receipt of the notice of unilateral termination of the contract by e-mail. The Seller and the Buyer will directly and unanimously agree on all issues, and if the Buyer is not satisfied with the outcome he can file a private lawsuit.


The buyer has the right to complain if the goods are delivered to him that do not match the quality and quantity of the ordered goods. Complaints are received in writing to the e-mail: info@yachtcenter.hr or to the address Jaht centar adriatik d.o.o. Hrgovići 28, 10000 Zagreb – For web shop. The buyer has the right to make a complaint within 5 days from the date of receipt of the order. Complaints on quantity are accepted only if the advertised product is originally packaged. Before sending the product to the complaint, it is necessary to write a written explanation of the reason for the complaint. In case of a justified complaint, the Buyer returns the product to the Seller at the expense of the Seller. The Seller is obliged to return to the Buyer the advance paid increased by legal default interest, counting from the day of receipt of the advance to the day of payment, as soon as possible, and no later than 7 days from the date of termination of the contract. When the Seller receives the product, a quality control procedure is followed to determine what kind of damage is involved and whether repair is possible. The deadline for resolving complaints is 15 working days from the receipt of the product on the complaint. The seller is not responsible for mechanical damage to the packaging caused by manipulation in delivery.


Yacht center shop undertakes to provide protection of personal data of Customers, so that it collects only the necessary basic data on customers / users that are necessary to fulfill our obligations; informs Customers about how to use the collected data, regularly gives Customers the option to use their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to remove their name from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user data is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this data to do the job.


The yacht center shop may collect certain information about your visits, such as the name of your ISP and the Internet Protocol (IP) address through which you access the Internet; the date and time of your visit to the website; the pages you viewed while you were on the website and the internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our website. This data is used to improve and administer the website and analyze trends.


Yacht center adriatik d.o.o. works in accordance with the law and certain provisions of data protection. All employees of Jaht centar adriatik d.o.o. are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.


Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, the Buyer may submit a written complaint by mail, fax or e-mail. The Seller will respond to all remarks and objections within a maximum of 15 days from the day when he receives the objection or remark. Address for written complaint: Jaht centar adriatik d.o.o. Hrgovići 28, 10000 Zagreb. Complaint email: info@yachtcenter.hr


The European Commission has introduced digital contract rules to simplify and promote access to digital content and online sales across the EU, and the new online platform now strengthens confidence in online shopping, making an important contribution to the EU’s digital single market strategy. With the EU regulation of 15 February 2016, it will be possible to resolve disputes related to online shopping throughout the European Union via the ODR platform, which you can access here .


We reserve the right to make errors in the descriptions or photographs of the items.